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The 7 Great Prayers

The 7 Great Prayers

For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings
ISBN-10: 1593155492
ISBN-13: 9781593155490
Also available: Paperback
$15.95 US · $18.50 CAN · £9.99 UK
Rights: World
Published: April 2009

About the Book

Hope is here. In The 7 Great Prayers, authors Paul and Tracey McManus show readers a simple and powerful way to attract blessings into their lives through the power of praying the 7 Great Prayers. These life-changing prayers provide strength and inspiration to help readers overcome life’s challenges, including:
• Financial Worries
• Health Concerns
• Relationship Problems
• Finding a Purpose in Life

Paul and Tracey originally created the 7 Great Prayers in response to their own financial and personal challenges. In the wake of the dot-com bust they had no jobs, their savings had evaporated, and they were losing their home. One sleepless night, they prayed a simple prayer that focused on their blessings rather than on all they were losing and had lost. This prayer of gratitude was life-changing. Newly inspired, they created six more simple prayers that helped to attract new blessings into their lives. They gathered the prayers into a powerful book, The 7 Great Prayers. Eager to share their new-found hope, Paul created a simple Web page about the 7 Great Prayers. Soon over 20 million people from across the globe visited this Web site. As word spread, Paul and Tracey received orders from 163 countries for their originally self-published book. These powerful prayers gave hope to people of all nationalities and faiths, kept them positive through difficult times, and deepened their love for life. And thus, the grass roots phenomenon that is The 7 Great Prayers was born. Now The 7 Great Prayers is here to do the same for readers as they find inspiration in its pages today.
Paul McManus
About Paul McManus
Paul McManus has studied religion, philosophy and self-development for over 30 years and has coupled his learning with inspiration from his life and family to create The 7 Great Prayers with his wife Tracey. Professionally, Paul began his career in advertising and marketing and followed the American dream of creating a better life for his family of five. He became the President of the U.S. division of a small international software company in 1998. Life was good for the McManus family until the dotcom bubble burst. The company folded. Paul lost his job and his home. He and Tracey struggled to make ends meet. Always spiritual, Paul and Tracey found themselves praying more and more for guidance and support during these difficult times. As material possessions slipped away, they gave thanks and wrote The 7 Great Prayers which quickly swept the internet and touched 20 million lives. Paul’s mission is to teach people, of all faiths and nationalities how to tap into the power of God and the power of the mind to live life to its best and fullest through The 7 Great Prayers and affirmation prayers.
Tracey McManus
About Tracey McManus
Tracey McManus is a teacher’s assistant and works with elementary school children. Tracey also has her own photography business specializing in family portraits. Mother of three children, Tracey’s passion is her family. Recognizing the need for a tangible reminder to give thanks and pray The 7 Great Prayers everyday, Tracey used her creative zeal for jewelry making to create The 7 Great Prayers Blessing Bracelet and Necklace. The 7 Great Prayers and blessing jewelry have brought people great comfort and strength through tough times. Tracey has found purpose and joy in sharing The 7 Great Prayers with the world and with Paul is using a portion of the sale proceeds to help homeless families and children.

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