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A Matter of Class

A Matter of Class

A Novel
ISBN-10: 1593155891
ISBN-13: 9781593155896
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$6.99 US · $8.99 CAN · £3.99 UK
Published: December 2010

About the Book

Reginald Mason has exhausted his father’s last iota of good will with his spoiled attitude, exorbitant shopping tabs, and excessive gambling debt. Annabelle Ashton has just embarrassed her family by trying to run off with the coachman. Their fathers, who are life-long rivals, finally come to an agreement in which they decide that their children should marry, which would propel Reginald up the social ladder and save Annabelle from disgrace. Having no choice, the two consent, entering into a hostile engagement in which they are openly antagonistic, each one resenting the other for their current state of affairs, while their respective fathers revel in their suffering. So begins an intoxicating tale rife with dark secrets, deception, and the trials of love—a story in which very little is as it seems.
Mary Balogh
About Mary Balogh
Mary Balogh grew up in Wales, and after graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high-school English. Her first Regency love story, A Masked Deception, was published in 1985. She has written more than seventy novels and almost thirty novellas since then, including the New York Times bestselling Slightly sextet and Simply quartet. She has won numerous awards, including Bestselling Historical of the Year from the Borders Group, and her novel Simply Magic was a finalist in the Quill Awards. She lives in Regina, Canada.

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